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  • Saint Petersburg Criminal Defense Lawyer | St. Petersburg Drunk Driving Attorney

Saint Petersburg Criminal Defense Lawyer | St. Petersburg Drunk Driving Attorney


Saint Petersburg Criminal Defense Lawyer |  St. Petersburg Drunk Driving AttorneySt.
Petersburg DUI Defense Lawyers

St. Petersburg Florida
Drunk Driving Defense

you have been arrested for a Drunk Driving DUI offense in the Pinellas County
or St. Petersburg area, contact us today. The Sandefer Law Firm is an Experienced
Pinellas County DUI defense law firm that can help you 24 hours per day. Call us toll free at 866-786-5297.

You have
10 days to make an important decision!

Within 10 days of being
arrested or receiving a ticket for a Florida DUI you must either request a
formal review hearing with the Department of Motor Vehicles, or, if you are
eligible, waive the hearing.
attorney may be able to apply for the hearing and obtain for you a temporary hardship license
for a period of time. If you do not request the formal review hearing, and you
do not waive it, at the end of the 10 days after your arrest, you will lose
your ability to drive for a period of time. Ordinarily, if someone takes a
breath test and blows over .08, after the 10 days have expired there is a 30
day period that the person can not get a permit and can not drive.

IMPORTANT! If you have
received a DUI and are looking for a drunk driving lawyer contact us now
for a FREE DUI Evaluation
. We have a DUI lawyer available or on call 24
hours a day to help you.

** IMPORTANT–As of July
2013 on a first time DUI arrest you may be able to get a hardship license and
avoid any hard suspension without serving any time without driving. You must act within the first 10 days. Call us so we can explain whether this is a
decision right for you and if so, how you may be able to keep your ability to
drive no matter what the ultimate outcome of your case is.

constitutes a Florida DUI?

under the influence is defined as driving, or being in actual physical control
of a vehicle while under the influence of either alcoholic beverages, any
chemical substance set forth in Florida statute 877.111, or any controlled
substance under Florida’s drug laws, chapter 893, when a person is affected to
the extent that the person’s normal faculties are impaired.

is often referred to as a crime of opinion.
Although, now available to law enforcement and used quite often are
items such as video recording of a person’s driving and field sobriety
exercises, a breath test, a blood test, or urine test. (link these to text
below) There are rules set forth in the Florida statutes as to when a person
may be stopped and for what reasons, as well as how and when each of these
tests may be requested and/or administered.

we can help you with include:

I get my license back

my charge be reduced or dismissed?

the breath test accurate?

I be convicted of a DUI on a prescrption drug?

there things I can do to prepare for court or to help my case?

I need and attorney and how do I choose?

Action Should I Take now that I have been arrested?

is extremely important that you discuss with a qualified Florida DUI attorney
the facts of your present arrest, any previous alcohol-related stops or
arrests, and any DUI or similar type convictions whether in the state of
Florida or anywhere else. Your discussions with your attorney are confidential.
It is important for your attorney to know these matters in order to properly
represent you and take the proper actions regarding your case. Call us toll free at 866-786-5297
or fill out the contact form at
Sandefer law firm

St. Petersburg DUI

Sandefer has over 30 years criminal courtroom experience and is a Board
Certified Specialist in Criminal Trial Law.
In fact, he was the first attorney in Pinellas and Pasco Counties to be
awarded board certification in criminal trial law.

a former prosecutor in Pinellas County, where he was a lead trial attorney and
a division director, Mr. Sandefer knows both sides of a case and is familiar
with not only how decisions are made by the state, but is familiar with those
making the decisions.

Larry Sandefer and Sandefer Law
Firm are AV rated under Martindale-Hubble’s Peer Review Rating Process. This is the highest possible peer review rating given for
legal ability and ethical standards by Martindale-Hubble, the prominent
national attorney rating organization.


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