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Pasco Florida DUI Laws


Drinking and Driving Laws in Pasco County Florida


The State of Florida drunk driving laws prohibits driving any type of vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 percent or above. The .08 percent BAC limit is the standard measurement used across the United States for the “impaired” driver. This limit is lower for drivers of commercial vehicles (.04%) and virtually non-existent for drivers under the age of 21 (.02%).

How many drinks does it take to reach the legal limit in Florida? There really isn’t a magic formula that can calculate exactly how much you can drink before you become legally impaired. It is safe to say that for every drink you take, your level of impairment increases. There have been studies that have shown that you blood alcohol concentration level goes up approximately .05 percent for each drink taken. In fact, it takes very little alcohol to become legally drunk. The best answer is not to drink and drive.

The State of Florida has strict laws for drunk driving, and when you drink and drive in Florida, you risk your freedom, finances and your future.


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